About Us

Next Generation Products

At Apollo Tech, we believe people deserve exciting and innovative products that are affordable and easy to use. We always have you in mind, so our products fulfill their purpose, and work in every environment.


As two young entrepreneurs, we hope we can make you as excited about our ideas as we are. Our passion goes into every single product we create to ensure it functions well and conveys our dreams for the future. 

Meet the team

Ivan Tregear
Joseph Folkes


Head of Design

Having come up with the original idea for the Apollo Pod, Ivan constantly challenges himself to optimise the electronics. He is a vital player across the board from product development to business management.

Joseph provides the creative catalyst from product design to branding. He ensures high quality finishes on all visual and graphic elements of the company, curating the outward appearance of Apollo Tech.


Apollo Tech was founded in early 2019 with the goal of bringing our creation to life.  We came up with the idea for a fully wireless sound reactive strobe light when trying to modify an existing light for a friend's party. Seeing the problems with other designs, led us to create our own.

We've gone through many iterations and concepts along the way.


After hours of testing, redesigning, retesting and re-redesiging, we finally had a working product. 

But that doesn't mean we've stopped yet. We're constantly updating and improving our manufacturing techniques to make sure the Apollo Pod works exactly how you want it.

This is only the beginning.