• Apollo Tech

Batch 1

Having worked out how to make the product, we needed to decide how many to make in the first batch, because really we were still proving our concept, testing if they would sell. We decided on 30: enough to begin saving through economies of scale, but not too many that if something went seriously wrong we would lose significant amounts of money. Just 4 months after we decided to begin Apollo Tech, in March 2019, we were almost ready to begin making our reactive strobe light, the Apollo Pod, launching our first product before the end of sixth form.

Even though we were ready to begin making, we discovered we were not ready to begin selling, with almost none of the legal side of launching a product covered. Ivan had incorporated all the necessary safety elements into the design like a protection circuit for the battery, but as we were making an electronic product, to do it properly we had to cover the EU CE mark legislation. This meant catching up on all of the paperwork, with the materials, risk assessments, official CAD files and statements of conformity written up. We also needed public, product and employee liability insurance just in case something did go wrong with one of our products. These legal requirements protect us from claims against us by consumers and national or EU standards bodies if they were to investigate our product.

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