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Launching the all new Apollo Pod Version 2

With the first batch of the Apollo Pod successfully selling over the summer, we began work on an updated model. This was to improve some of the issues we'd ran into when manufacturing the first Pod, as well as polishing the experience for the user.

As of today we are now selling the brand new Apollo Pod!

The new Pod utilises a completely new manufacturing process allowing us to produce them far more quickly and uniformly.

But the changes don't stop there.

As you can see the new Pod has a fully updated form factor. It's more sleek and elegant with the controls being moved to the rear of the Pod.

From a functionality standpoint, the new Pod is almost twice as bright, has a built-in low battery indicator and faster charging. The software has also been completely revamped allowing for much crisper and cleaner sound reactivity.

We hope you enjoy your new Pod, but don't miss the opportunity. We're only doing a batch of 50 and when they're gone, they're gone.

Buy yours today.

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