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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The dream of starting your own business, to be able to work on your passion, or have financial freedom, did not seem realistic whilst we were still at school. Not having much time to work on it, being highly inexperienced and just not having a good idea had put us off several times through our school career. It didn’t seem likely, but in November 2018 with only 6 months left of school, creativity struck.

Ivan had been teaching himself electronics and coding since the beginning of sixth form, for personal interest. It was time to test his knowledge for a party, to make a present for a friend. At parties, the music is normally great, with large speakers in many homes nowadays. Something always seems to be slightly lacking though: lighting. So Ivan created a basic circuit board with LEDs, to stick onto the front of a speaker, to work as a strobe light that would flash in time with the music.

To be continued

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