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The Founding

It wasn’t until December, that we realized we hadn’t really seen reactive strobe lights around that much. Thoughts go to concerts with programmed lighting, but not everyday household party lights. A quick google search confirmed this, with any that were available costing over £50, too highly priced for whom we thought was the target market: young people. We believed we could do better, and so began our business venture.

The first thing to do was to develop the first concept into our product. This required 3 more iterations of the product. The main problems were: ensuring our original vision of an easy to use, portable, cheaper reactive strobe light; dealing with the temperature of the electronics, as many strobe lights incorporate heat sinks which are extremely expensive; working out a way to encase the electronics and make it look like a commercial product. By limiting the length of each strobe flash and laying the LEDs out on a conductive metal printed circuit board (PCB), the temperature was no longer a problem. Ivan designed the PCBs so we could order them, saving money and significant assembly time. We decided to ensure portability by incorporating a rechargeable battery, so the light can be placed by any speaker, independent of a free plug socket. To make the case for the strobe light we looked to newer technologies, and made our most important large investment: a 3D printer.

To be continued

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