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Why Apollo?

Whilst we developed the product we also had to learn about, and implement, the starting of the business. One of the reasons the process has been so useful is that we’ve gained insight into all the stages needed to launch a product. From starting a limited company and thinking about tax, to starting social media accounts and payment options so we could actually sell the product, there are so many factors to consider.

Being more product design based, Joseph worked mainly on the aesthetics, the media and the computer aided sides of the business. We needed a name, Apollo is the Greek God of the sun, and we were developing lighting, so we decided upon Apollo Tech. We needed a logo, and after some brainstorming and initial designs, an old friend with a passion for graphic design volunteered to make the logo for us, reminding us of the importance of networking and connections. Joseph designed the CAD files for the 3D printer to ensure every casing came out the same, fitted the positions of the electronics, and looked good, but this also required testing, with 4 prototype iterations.

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